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Enchanting Bookcases for Little Bookworms: Where Imagination Finds its Shelf

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Blog posted on the 27th June, 2023

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In a world filled with screens and gadgets, encouraging children to develop a love for reading is a gift that lasts a lifetime. A well organised and visually appealing bookcase can play a significant role in cultivating this passion for books. Not only does it provide a dedicated space for their literary adventures, but it also adds a touch of creativity and personalisation to their bedroom or playroom.

In this blog post, we will explore some delightful bookcase ideas that will inspire children and turn their reading corner into a magical realm.

The Treehouse Bookcase

Transform your child's book collection into an enchanting treehouse with a tree-shaped bookcase. Crafted from sturdy wood and adorned with colourful paint, this bookcase will evoke the feeling of climbing up a magical tree to explore new worlds. Add small shelves as branches to house the books, and your child will feel like they're embarking on an exciting reading adventure every time they pick up a book. You can find some amazing treehouse bookcases. Check out Craythorne Creations on Etsy.

The Alphabet Bookcase

Combine learning with organisation by creating an alphabet-themed bookcase. Arrange the books in alphabetical order, assigning each letter its dedicated shelf or section. You can also paint each letter on the corresponding shelf to reinforce letter recognition and foster a love for language. This bookcase idea not only encourages tidiness but also makes it easier for children to find their favourite books. Check out

The Colourful Rainbow Bookcase

Bring a burst of colour and joy to your child's room with a rainbow-themed bookcase. Paint the shelves in different vibrant hues, creating an eye-catching display of books. Organise the books by colour to make it visually appealing and to help children associate colours with specific genres or themes. This bookcase idea adds a playful touch to the room while encouraging children to explore the magical world of literature.

Round Rotatable Bookcase

Make the bookcase visually inviting for the child with the added sensory mode of rotation! Not only is it the perfect addition for a smaller room, tucked away nicely in the corner, it provides ample shelf storage to house a large bundle of books. You may want to make sure that your little treasures don’t swivel it too much and treat it like a playground accessory! Check out for a collection of round rotatable bookcases.

Animal Shaped Bookcase

What is not to love about animal shaped furniture in a child’s room. If a bookcase that in the shape of an elephant or giraffe can’t entice your little moon bean over to pick out a book, then I don’t know what else can (apart from options above of, course!). You can also combine reading with play by incorporating interactive elements into the animal shaped bookcase design. Attach small chalkboards or whiteboards to the shelves, allowing your child to write down their favourite quotes or draw illustrations inspired by the stories they read. Incorporate a small puppet theatre on one of the shelves, encouraging imaginative storytelling and play. An interactive bookcase not only nurtures a love for reading but also stimulates creativity and imagination.

By incorporating these creative bookcase ideas into your child's room, you can transform their reading corner into a magical space that sparks their love for books. Whether it's a treehouse-themed bookcase, an alphabet organiser, a colourful rainbow display or an interactive haven, these ideas will not only enhance their reading experience but also inspire their imagination. Remember, a well-organised and visually appealing bookcase can be the gateway to a world of wonders and ignite a lifelong passion for reading in your child's heart.

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