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The year of lockdown design trends

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Who else thinks that 2020 has being going on for nearly a decade now? Lockdown may have brought out the best and the worst in us but at least we have a better understanding of our home surroundings! Spending so much time cooped up indoors has either made us really appreciate the aesthetics in our home or it has driven us to want to make big changes. I am noticing a lot more business enquiries for interior design help since emerging from lockdown. People are fed up with the same old and are looking for a fresh new style to reinvigorate their living space.

This brings me nicely onto the point of my article. I wanted to share with you some interesting nuggets on lockdown design trends that have emerged this year. Hopefully inspiring you to look around your house and see if any of this tickles your design senses.

Let’s start with your hallway. Chevron flooring is still very current, timeless and classy, but for those who love to layer your floors with tiles, we are seeing a real trend in art deco with high contrast black and white bold tile finishes. This dynamic duo isn’t new, but the patterns are getting bolder with geometric three-dimensional patterns sweeping across the entryway creating a bold statement that signifies you mean business.

We are getting more adventurous in our homes and moving away from grey on grey colour schemes. Bold monochromatic designs that take on a new level of design performance really live up to the hype. Colours that are full of personality and elegance like Cobalt Blue, Kelly Green, or even Aubergine can evoke monochromatic in a daring way. But not everyone wants this dramatic look and we’re seeing a trend in warm earthy and natural tones washing the walls too, such as olive, green, chocolate brown and yellow ochre. A personal favourite design style of mine is pairing neutral or earthy tone walls with dark painted interior doors. It significantly adds more warmth and character to the space. A dark door is a feature in itself and adds some intrigue to the design elements of the space.

House Beautiful magazine recently referred to a new design trend called the ‘Grandmillenial style’ which is based on a traditional design that blends classic design elements such as chinoiserie, topiaries and natural fibre rugs with contemporary elements, such as, clean lined furniture or modern art. I like this look because you can also feel confident mixing and matching old and new collectables for display. What we pick up from our travels, inherit, or source locally over the years speaks volumes to our personality and how we shape a home to feel like our home.

Let’s talk about kitchens. Quartz and granite have dominated the countertop scene for quite some time now but interiors are shaking up this year and heavily veined marble is making a major comeback. A luxurious kitchen design simply isn’t confined to marble countertops. We are seeing this dramatic look extend to the backsplash with matching open shelving

table and chairs

Handleless kitchen cabinetry is storming the design trend right now taking us back to a simplistic pared-back style. If you also hadn’t noticed, matte black and gold are big players for kitchen tap finishes. This modern style is inexcusably making a loud statement and pairs nicely with the dramatic veined marble. In my next article I’m going to talk more about kitchens and the different style of cabinetry finishes and island designs that are ahead of the curve. Stay tuned…

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