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Bling your home for Christmas!

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

The countdown is now on and the Christmas cheer is already spreading. Have you invited the festive spirit into your home yet?

You are starting to brush the dust off your decorations and considering whether the haphazard approach of ‘anything will do’ resulting in a melange of a colour and clutter explosion will suffice. Or you want to do things a little differently this year by taking a more curated approach to tastefully decorating your home.

Let us start with your front door. Have you thought about using magnolia instead of evergreens for your Christmas wreath? Rather than sticking with the traditional style try stringing a trio of magnolia wreaths to hang down your door and embellish with faux fruits and pine cones, if you desire. Another idea is to get all crafty and make a monogrammed wreath from faux red berries. I personally like topiary trees adorned with fairy lights on either side of my entrance and large floor lanterns full to the brim with string lights illuminating the porch. Get yourself down to Homesense and complete your style with an over-sized nutcracker ornament for a little pizzazz.

Looking through the keyhole, the classic reds and greens never go out of style for interior festive decor - it is Christmas after all! But you do not have to restrict your palette, go bold with deep purples, corals and metallics. A more subdued monochrome colour scheme is as impactful and elegant too, and a wise rule of thumb is to stick to two or three tones.

Garlands running up your stair bannister can be spiced up with texture. Try experimenting with silver sprayed eucalyptus, interspersed with hanging droplet baubles, or hanging feathers for the bohos among you. You could intertwine your garland with Christmas lights for added sparkle. Those internal doors could do with a festive makeover too. Tie a small cluster of pinecones to a ribbon and hang them from each door handle. Swap out some wall hanging pictures with Christmas wreaths or antlers to spruce up the celebratory decor.

Your table setting should be about glamour, layering and clustering. Height creates impact, as does crowding and continuity. Instead of one centrepiece, scatter tall candlesticks with small votive candles, whimsical paper Christmas trees decor, blooms bursting from silver julep cups and a bundle of baubles that will throw sparkle around the table. A simple and decorative way to expose your table is to place two table runners on either side instead of using a tablecloth and placemats. I like to suspend a cluster of iridescent baubles from my light pendant to create a festive snowdrop effect.

What about the kids in all of this? A cute idea I do for an advent calendar is to grab some large branches in a tall vase or a decorative wooden ladder and suspend twenty-four muslin crafted bags containing treats – a novel way of the kids receiving daily surprises. As for the Christmas tree, this is your chance to get creative. Whether it is baubles, ribbons, garlands or faux flowers that you decide to hang from you tree – stick with a colour theme and it will not only wow your guests but make you feel right at home this Christmas.


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