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How to bring a spark of tranquility to your bedroom design

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Featured in the May/June 2019 issue of the Beaconsfield Local magazine

Where do you go to relax? Yes, I was thinking the same - unwinding at your favourite spa or basking in the sunshine on a stranded island. If only this was the daily norm! It is our bedroom that we retreat to after a long hard day that should offer the most comfort and relaxation to achieving a good night sleep.

So how do we design such a tranquil bedroom that echoes elegance, serenity and calmness without becoming a soulless show-home? Adopting a restful colour palette that reflects your personality is essential to the design scheme. Studies suggest that our body and mind both react to seeing colours; with bold colours stimulating the brain to feel more energised and potentially anxious. Soft and neutral colours, otherwise know as stress-reducing colours, are soothing shades of blue, grey, green, violet, pink and white. Each of these hues achieves a calming effect in their own way. However, if you love the deep rich jewelled hues, which can offer comfort and cosiness, then try opting for toned-down subtle shades of these colours.

‘Less is more’ when it comes to bedroom design goals so go with a minimalistic approach to furniture. All we need is a bed with side tables, a dresser or a built in wardrobe unit that hides away all the clutter. At most, a chair or ottoman perched in a corner, or bench nestled nicely at the foot of your bed are nice additions. In the same vein, accessories should also be kept to a minimum. This is not the place for a busy wall gallery that detracts from the serenity of your boudoir. Choose one statement piece of artwork that ‘sparks you joy’ – yes, I am pretending that I have been paying attention to Marie Kondo!

To elevate the space in your bedroom and to add some texture and warmth, include a large, stylish headboard. You may be partial to upholstered designs or prefer to inject a bolder style using woven screens, murals or wood finishes. Whatever takes your fancy, ensure it provides comfort.

Wash your walls in soft illumination to set the mood with dimmable accent lighting using table lamps, wall sconces or floor lamps. Makes things interesting and suspend low hanging pendant lights from the ceiling at each side of the bed which serve as task lighting for reading. It makes a refreshingly contemporary alternative to bedside lamps.

For that 5-star quality luxury feel, treat yourself to luxurious bed linen. If you are a savvy shopper like myself, pick up top quality linen in the sales or outlet stores. The rule of thumb when it comes to collapsing on soft sheets is to choose 100 per cent cotton or linen with a thread count less than 350. Layering texture with soft mohair or cashmere throws, silk bed canopies or plush floor rugs embellishes your bedroom design.

We all need that one special place to escape for some TLC so why not do the same for your bedroom.


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